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Shows and Presentations

I have had the good fortune to exhibit in many parts of the world.  Some times as a group exhibit and other times solo or with my partner, sculptor Robert Glen. Whilst it is always important to have exhibitions, I have preferred to keep them to a minimum, so as to avoid the trap of “painting for shows”. In this way it keeps my mind and my heart free to explore new ideas and avenues, and not be pressured by “producing’ a certain number of works in a limited time.


A Brief History

In the early years I usually exhibited privately, in solo shows in Nairobi and London, or in group wildlife exhibitions, at the Everade Read Gallery in Johannesburg, and the USA. Later, I exhibited at the Tryon and Swann Gallery in London, in conjunction with TUSK, also in Los Angeles, New York and Dar es Salaam.  


Lately, Rob and I have been exhibiting jointly, mainly in Dallas, Texas, and Houston, at the prestigious Houston Zoo.  This was a particularly happy union as the proceeds we gave the zoo went towards their animal conservation programs for endangered species.

The annual David Shepherd wildlife art show, in the Mall Galleries in London, was an event I always supported. 

I have had works auctioned in Paris at the well known Auction Eve art centre, and finally, amongst many other events not listed, we were the featured artists at the Artists for Conservation annual show, in Vancouver, Canada.

It is worth mentioning that at most of our exhibitions we give powerpoint presentations, sharing the magic of Ruaha.

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